Ultra Modern Car Canopies

Ultra Modern Car Canopies

Besides a home, a car is usually considered to be one of the more important investments you make. An investment such as that needs to be handled properly and getting the right carport to shelter it is also an important factor to consider. A carport provides shelter for your vehicle as it keeps your car far away from the harsh weather elements such as the harmful UV sun rays, or rain thus preventing your car from fading.  Carports are usually constructed from wood, metals or other materials.

Superlock carports are constructed with the best materials which makes them a great choice when considering buying canopies for your cars. Not only are they quality, but have been made with the 21st contemporary feel in mind thus giving it an ultra-modern aesthetic look.

Superlock Carports

  • Frames are made of pure aluminium; frames come in either Black or White
  • The shelter is made from Polycarbonate; the shelter comes in two colours; brown or blue.
  • Superlock Carports are customisable to clients’ preference.




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