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Corporate Head Office

K. A Ofori-Atta Street
Opposite Bayport Annex
Tel: 0302-785508/9

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Dial our short number *9999

Help & Support

Superlock Service team is ever ready to help our customers with Any assistance. Clients can call our hotline 0540-106600, or mail Superlock Service 24 /7.

Our service teams are positioned across the country and will provide your prompt solution.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I make transaction online?

Purchasing a security product such as a door, or collapsible grille is an important investment decision, sometimes made once a life time; as a result we advise you visit our showroom to get the full information needed to choose the right security solution appropriate for your needs.

How can I take my doors dimensions/measurements?

We will send to your location free of charge, one of our highly experienced marketing executive, who will review your house and recommend to you all you need in order to secure your property, also he will take the measurements and will determine the appropriate door opening.

What differentiate your internal doors?

Our internal door is the ONLY metal internal door in Ghana, made by galvanizes steel and install with galvanized frame. It is the best isolation door, with well over 30 years in existence, No service or maintenance is required. We also install variety of wooden doors.

How much is your installation cost per door?

Our prices are inclusive delivery and installation within Accra and Tema Metropolis. The installation will be done by Superlock specialized installation team. Outside Accra and Tema Metropolis will attract delivery charge, communicated to you before the order is finally placed.

What is exceptional about Superlock security doors?

Apart from being an Israeli 40 year’s experiences product, there are several unique features for this door:

  • Tough galvanize steel structure
  • Tough galvanize frame install with concrete.
  • The door has been tasted in many countries Laboratories and stand in the highest level of standards for Security Doors.
  • 7 geometric locking system
  • Over 15,000 doors already installed in Ghana, stood the test of time and quality. Using by government institutions, Banks, Commercial companies, private houses and apartments.

Can I install myself?

Installation of our security doors, or burglar proofs requires highly technical specialization. Our installation teams have over 13 years’ experience with installation of our security products and will do the installation perfectly to your desire.

What are the ranges of colors you have?

We have in our stock many colors for variable items or products to customer taste. In our showroom, our marketing executive will show you all colors we can supply immediately, any other specific color that the customer requires can be ordered.

Can you produce door higher than the normal height of 210cm?

Our highly trained marketing executive will visit your site to give you the best consultation or advise on extra height, width and other optional accessories such as vitrine, electronic eye viewer, oil closer etc. after your confirmation special order will be made on your specific extra dimensions which will take about four months to install.

Can my keys be duplicated?

Our special security cylinders come with unique identity card, and it’s only the card holder that would have the key duplicated in our office, this cannot be done by any other person or at any other place.

After confirmation of order how long will it take to start the installation?

Due to high demand we schedule fully paid clients two weeks after confirmation of order, on condition that the site is ready for installation. If your installation is urgent, please contact our marketing executive or service manager.

What is your guarantee period?

We believe it worth investing in our products because these are products for life though with one good year guarantee period, Superlock will still be there with you for life on any other service you require on the purchased product or new security solutions for you.

What does the Air Conditioner price include?

The price includes up to 5 meter pipes and wire cable, we recommend you to locate the socket in a distance of not more than 50CM from the indoor unit. It is also recommanded to allocate the outdoor unit in a distance of not more than 5 meter form indoor unit. Also we can supply trunking, galvanize cage, stands and extra pipes and cable if client request for it.